Bensalem PA

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Our Services:

• State Inspection & Emissions

• Tire Service & Repair

• Oil, Lube & Filter

• Routine Services & Fluids

• Batteries

• Brakes

• Air Conditioning

• Steering & Suspension

• Tune Ups




• All Filters

• Wiper Blades

• All Bulbs

• Transmission Service

• Electrical Service

• Exhaust

• Engine Diagnosis

• Windshield & Window Service



What We Offer:


      Trained and Certified ASE Technicians


      State-of-the-Art Equipment


Our family strives to provide dependable and professional service. Our wide range of diagnostic, maintenance and repair services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee and 50+ years of experience.


When it comes to having a car or truck serviced, most drivers have more questions than answers. Questions like “what is rotor resurfacing…and how much will it cost?”


“And what on earth is that clunking sound?” For many years, Daley’s Service Center customers have trusted us to offer straight answers and top-notch services. You will never see us advertise "specials." We would rather give our customers the same, dependable service time after time. We will never lure you in with an offer that translates into an attempt to sell you a service you do not need. No matter the state of the economy - no ones budget needs that abuse.


We have worked for over 50 years to earn the trust of our customers. We have gained and retained that trust thru multiple generations of our family and our customers.




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